Matchington Farm Yard Routine


  • livery cheshire7.30 - 8am
    Yard opens all horses including DIY are given breakfast and a Haynet (if left) and a friendly good morning.

  • 8am
    Rugs changed, horses are turned out.

  • 9am - 12pm
    All horses are fully mucked out, water buckets emptied, cleaned and refilled if used. Haynets and feeds made up.

  • 1pm
    Horses that are in can be given a lunch time net if needed.

  • 3.30 - 5.00pmHorse Livery Cheshire Full Part DIY
    Horses are brought, in checked over and rugs changed ready for bedtime.

  • 5pm
    Hard feed given (hard feed can not be fed if owner wishes to ride later.)

  • 6pm
    Yard closes (theoretically). Owners are welcome to come and see and ride their horses up to 9pm.

Horse Livery Cheshire Full Part DIY

Horse Livery Cheshire Full Part DIY