Matchington Farm  Equestrian News

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Happy New Year to all at Matchington and friends old and new hope 2016 is a fantastic year for everyone and its stops raining soon!

We have just had a super new CCTV system fitted to replace our older one and we are really happy with it. Ensuring the safety of the horses and their owners on the yard is very important to us.

We also have a visit from a nutritionist from Spillers due on the 6th Feb in which the horses will be weighed and owners given advice on feeding , which I encourage everyone to use . 

At the end of Feb we will be having our first worm count of this year. 

In other news we are having a lot of new fencing and gates put in for our summer grazing this should be finished by the end of Feb. 

Well done to Millie and Ellie for raising such a lot of money for 'holding Amys hand' what a great achievement and good luck for next week ( 7th Feb ).

Well done again to Joanne and Lisa taking part in the New Years Day parade In London 2014 , please can we have some photos !

Happy new year to all I hope it is a great year for everyone !

We had a brilliant night out at efes in Manchester and a brilliant turnout for it thanks to everyone who came and supported the yard  ! We are planning another night out in January  at Yara in Altrincham please check the board in the wash box for more details. 

We have recently replaced our old sand paddock with a brand new 60ft lunging pen which we hope will be a big hit with our liveries , aiming to be finished by March.

We also now have an online booking system in half hour slots for menage bookings please see the home page , we hope all the liveries like it ! 

A massive well done to Lizzie Rowley coming second at HOYS 2014  this year , brilliant result and I know how thrilled we all are for you ! And good luck Hendles in your new home !

Huge congratulations to Shirley and Emma Didlick who own Chapelfield Ladies Man stable name Mr D , he has had some cracking 2014 results so far including North Wales Arab Show 1st and Champion . Midland Arab Show 1st and Champion . Classic Arab Show 1st and Champion  Done three shows this year and has won and taken Champion each time ! Absolutely amazing results.


Also congratulations to Lisa Wasilewski and her horse Bailaor coming first at Warrington Show in the inhand Iberian Class. Well done.


In other news we have just had our fields sprayed in order to keep them ragwort and weed free .


Horse Livery Cheshire Full Part DIYWe are  also pleased to announce we are now a BHS approved  livery yard !

It   means  that all of our staff have met with  strict  training and qualification standards, that we are insured for public liability and comply with the latest health and safety legislation and we will be subject to strict to unannounced annual inspections ! It has also been recognised that we are well managed, offer first rate customer service, high levels of horse husbandry and general good practice  throughout !

Horse Livery Cheshire Full Part DIY_______________________________________

Our new ménage is in full use and our new mirrors have proved a big hit with our liveries and most importantly the horses !


We also plan to re design our existing sand paddock and turn it in to a lunging / breaking pen , which will be at some point this year....


Well done to LIzzie Rowley and Hendie qualifying for RIHS again and going champion !


 Good luck to Lisa Wasilewski and Joanne Roberts riding in the New Year's Day parade in London in ' all the Queens Horses section.'                    Extremely exciting and a huge honour , please look out for them on the television ! Photos will follow .... 


We had a fantastic Christmas meal at the Axe and Cleaver thank you to all who came .


Our Christmas Day drinks champagne and orange will be served at 10am . More importantly our Christmas Day hack will be at 10.30am , we can't wait to see the horses ponies and riders dressed up in their Christmas gear so if you see us around Dunham please give us a wave ! 

                                                      And finally for 2013 , Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year ! 


Congratulations to Anne and Lizzie Rowley who own Hendi the Highland 3rd at HOYS 2013,
an amazing achievement well done !

In other news, Matchington Farm,  came in third place in the recent competition of best Equine Establishment 2013 in Cheshire ! We are so pleased !

Our  menage build starts the end of December beginning of January we are all very excited , pictures will follow ...

Our Christmas meal is on the 14th December pleased to see we have twenty people coming so far , should be a great night .

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year ! 


 Horse Livery Cheshire Full Part DIY

A new set of jumps have just been delivered.

Congratulations to Anne and Lizzie Rowley who own Hendie qualifying for Hoys 2013 for the second year running , well done ! 

Congratulations to Shirley and Emma Didlick who own Chapelfield Ladies Man , second reserve supreme in hand at the Cherif Championship! 

Horse Livery Cheshire Full Part DIY