Horse Livery Cheshire Full Part DIYWhy us ?   

No bullying or bad behaviour.

Horse Livery Cheshire Full Part DIY

No bullying or bad behaviour. Sometimes livery yards can resemble a school yard with bullying and bad behaviour. This will not be tolerated at Matchington Farm. We want a happy yard with happy clients and a pleasant atmosphere. We have an extremely strict policy on this and anyone who demonstrates this behaviour will be asked to leave the premises.


Security is extremely important to us! We live on site and there is always someone on site by the stables, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. We also have state of the art CCTV and guard dogs for your peace of mind.

Professional, quiet, private yard

We are a small, private and quiet yard with only professional staff attending to your horse. By being a small yard, it means we can attend to each horse individually, we can get to know your horse along with the little quirks of what they enjoy and what they don't and by learning this, we can ensure they are happy. By being a quiet yard with this personal touch your horse is less likely to develop any vices and any vices they do have, more often than not, will reduce on a quiet and stress free yard.

Horse Livery Cheshire Full Part DIYClean and tidy yard and facilities

Wherever possible we try to ensure a clean and tidy yard so that it is a more pleasant place for you to spend your time. The fields are weed controlled, rolled and harrowed and if needed fertilised after winter to ensure flat lush fields for the coming summer months. We also check fence lines on a regular basis and strim fence lines. All fields have fitted automatic drinkers.


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